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We at The Noname are openhearted persons and same way we run our kitchen. Openness means that we have no walls, cooking desk is open and one can watch our staff preparing food ordered. Be sure that we use only clean, fresh and healthy products for the meals.


We run on a full day basis. There are two shifts of skilled professionals working for you from 9am till 9pm. Breakfast and Brunch time is till 2 pm. Lunch and Dinner starts at 4 pm. Round-a-day we have fresh bakery, tea, coffee and juice bar. We are catering to the guests of the house and international tourist crowd visiting Goa. Restaurant locates at the 2nd floor of The Noname building – on the open terrace with street and hill-side view.


We are vegetarians and do same at our kitchen. Vegans are welcome to join. Mostly we love to cook meals of Mediterranean ambiance - rich of greens salads, pastas with different sauces, gazpacho, cream-soups, bruschettas... We do house specialties like cream-cheese and our artisan rye bread here at our kitchen, every day. That means you will have a unique set of meals and feel our love with every single bite of the food.


Our chefs are Europeans. That, we believe, is of critical importance for authenticity of our meals. We are running our kitchen like they do it at your Italian, Hungarian or Dutch friend’s house;) Masalas off! The only things you can be sure to get here are our exceptional home-style quality food and friendly atmosphere.